Welcome to the science park "Syddanske Forskerparker"

’Syddanske Forskerparker’ is a science park in the southern part of Denmark. The foundation has three branches, two in Sønderborg (Alsion and Ellegårdvej) and one in Odense. We have many years of experience in creating exciting, inspiring and efficient development environments. We assist innovators in commercializing ideas and help them into viable businesses.

The head-quarter in Odense has expanded through the last 20 years and is now Denmark’s largest business cluster focusing on Health tec and new biz. It’s located at Campus Odense, Denmark’s new growth center for health and well-fare technology.

Near 100 businesses with over 600 employees are located at the science park. 

Forskerparken Odense
Forskerparken 10
5230 Odense M
+45 63 15 71 00
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Forskerparken Alsion
Alsion 2
6400 Sønderborg
+45 38 40 54 00
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Forskerparken Ellegårdvej
Ellegårdvej 36
6400 Sønderborg
+45 73 12 42 00
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Syddanske Forskerparker
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