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Office premises in Southern Denmark?

Science Parks of Southern Denmark will rent out office premises to your business in Odense and Kolding. We offer modern office blocks and shared offices with the focus on networking, knowledge and learning. Here, every day, you can surround yourself with growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

Short pathway to knowledge

Science Parks of Southern Denmark is more than just square metres. We create, provide and support a close network every single day, where entrepreneurs eat, live and work alongside established businesses. In short, we ensure that entrepreneurs meet experience, research meets business, and ideas meet money. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Manned reception area, post handling and reception of guests
  • Conference facilities and refreshments for meetings.
  • Lunch arrangements, free parking and speedy Wi-Fi
  • Security in the form of access control, a guard service and a burglar alarm system

2 cities - 5 offers

Science Parks of Southern Denmark have departments in Odense and Kolding. You can rent rooms of all sizes from us. If you don’t require a permanent work station but would like to use the facilities in our departments, our On the Go solution is a good offer. If you’re the type to be always out the house but in need of a safe place to land, Plug ‘n’ Play - our lease-a-desk solution - might be just the thing for you. We rent out your own office spaces in open office environments and offices, workshops, halls and showrooms.

  • On the Go
  • New Bizz
  • Plug ‘n’ Play
  • Space to Grow
  • Build ‘n’ Show

On the Go

On the Go is for people who do not have a permanent office but need a professional environment for their business. With an On the Go agreement, you become part of Denmark’s largest community of growth-rich businesses. You can work in Videnbyen, Forskerparken or Pakhuset depending on what suits you best. You can book meeting rooms (for an extra charge) and invite your customers and collaboration partners to lunch in the canteen.

The offer is typically aimed at one-man businesses and consultants. Price: DKK 525.00 excluding VAT per person per month. To be found in Forskerparken, Videnbyen and Pakhuset.

New Bizz

NewBizz is aimed at new start-ups that would like a professional framework in an open shared office. This offers good opportunities for feedback and networking with other start-ups as well as with established businesses. As a lessee, you also have the option of booking meeting rooms and access to our café, where delicious lunches and meals for guests are served.

The offer is aimed at businesses that have not previously been lessees at Science Parks of Southern Denmark. The business must also be a maximum of 3 years old. Price: DKK 800.00 excluding VAT per person per month (although at least 2 places for a maximum of 1 year). To be found in Videnbyen.

Plug n' Play

Plug ‘n’ Play is for anyone who needs a desk with a short notice period in a professional shared office.  You get a well-presented business address and you can book meeting rooms and invite your customers and collaboration partners to lunch in the canteen.

The offer typically aimed at small business with between 1 and 3 people. The price is DKK 2,436.00 excluding VAT per month.  To be found in Videnbyen, Forskerparken and Pakhuset.

Space to Grow

With offices covering from 11 to 350 m2, we’re sure to find an office that matches your needs.   As well as professional conference facilities with great flexibility, we offer a broad range of shared facilities and service functions such as sound IT solutions, meeting rooms and meeting servicing. We offer an inspiring environment with space for knowledge, where businesses can easily set up a flexible lease.

The offer is aimed at entrepreneurial businesses, development departments, innovation centres and consortiums with between 1 and 100 employees. To be found in Forskerparken, Videnbyen and Pakhuset. Contact the individual science park for an estimate price.

Build n’ Show

Science Parks of Southern Denmark rent out 4 workshops in Forskerparken. The workshops each cover 64 m2 with a ceiling height of 4 metres, gate, toilet, wash basin and emergency showers. There is the option of connections to temporary office huts for the workshops for example, and the café and the working areas around Forskerparken can be used free of charge. There is also access to meeting rooms and free parking.

Price: DKK 8175.00 per month Including usage. To be found in Forskerparken.

Networking just around the corner

Science Parks of Southern Denmark is home to more than 120 businesses and through them offers a large network within different branches of industry. The majority of businesses at Science parks of Southern Denmark are high-tech and knowledge-intensive. The figures from our businesses say it all:

  • 80% of the businesses take part in social events where they obtain new contacts
  • 75% of the businesses have an ongoing relationship with businesses in our departments

What do our lessees say?

We have chosen to locate ourselves in Videnbyen so as to be a part of the innovative network that is in place here. We are close to students, entrepreneurs and other businesses with which we can create new relationships and projects.
Kristian Tarp Hansen
Manager of HD GreenLab, HedeDanmark A/S
We have chosen Forskerparken to be our registered office as the environment is ideal in terms of our vision to attract technological talents to innovative businesses within the field of robots/drones for example.
CEO Jan Arno Larsen
Young Global Talents - lessee at Forskerparken
Pakhuset’s geographical location, the physical framework and an extremely successful refurbishment all support the high-end profile that we strive to portray.
Karina Abildtrup
Abstracta Interiør A/S

Be part of an innovative environment

We provide meeting rooms, a reception area, telephone, free parking and all the practicalities


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