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Ellegården - office in Sønderborg

In the centre of Sønderborg’s business district - and close to the centre and the University of Southern Denmark

What is Ellegården?

Ellegården is located in Sønderborg’s business district. The department is home to lessees both large and small, meeting rooms, a reception area and a canteen. It is a meeting place for start-ups, growth businesses and experienced businesses.

Lease an office at Sønderborg

At Ellegården there are approximately 30 businesses split into the following business types:  production, consultancy, trading, software/IT and servicing. As a business here, you are right next door to a number of Sønderborg’s enterprising businesses and your business is a neighbour of Sønderborg Iværksætterservice, which is the region;s development unit for start-up companies.

With us you can lease office rooms with space for between 1 and 6 people, workshop buildings and meeting rooms.

We offer

Ellegården provides a professional and personal environment for your business. Our manned reception area offers a high level of service and focuses on businesses. There is also excellent solidarity. A large number of the businesses comprise between 1 and 4 employees. We know one another way and enjoy shared breakfasts and other events. As a lessee, you have access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Manned reception area, post handling and reception of guests
  • Strong network and community
  • Security in the form of a burglar alarm system

Meeting rooms in Sønderborg

We also have meeting rooms with space for up to 26 people and can provide refreshments for meetings as well as coffee, tea and water. If you are a lessee in Ellegården, you have the opportunity to use our meeting rooms free of charge. This also applies to meeting rooms in Science Parks of Southern Denmark’s other departments in Odense and Kolding.

What does it cost?

Own office: An office comprising 12.6 m2 costs DKK 1,762.00 per month. All inclusive

Reception area in Ellegården: Rabia Yildiz
Telephone: +45 73 12 42 00 or
Email: [email protected]
 Ellegårdvej 36, 6400 Sønderborg

What do our lessees say?

I chose Ellegården as a start-up location as I have good partners within communication, web and IT in the same building. At the same time, the partners are also colleagues when I need input on how to progress with EasyRobotics.
Per Lachenmeier
CEO and co-owner, EasyRobotics - lessee at Ellegården
Holtec Automatic has taken great advantage of how flexible it is to expand the business. It’s also a great help that there a person who helps with day-to-day things, such as receiving customers. packages etc. Forskerparken is an exciting environment where there are numerous innovative businesses that you can learn a lot from.
Per Terp Bernberg Schmidt
Head of Department, Holtec Automatic - lessee at Ellegården
We have been a lessee at Sønderborg in Science Parks of Southern Denmark for many years, and will be difficult to leave. It has a really good location in the Sønderborg area and there are plenty of opportunities to form networks both inside and outside our sector of industry.
Thomas Fedders
Staffing Consultant, Manpower ApS - lessee at Ellegården

Businesses in Ellegården

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