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Kolding’s new innovation environment by the harbour

Pakhuset is the newest department at Science Parks of Southern Denmark. It serves as a working community for educational institutions, entrepreneurs and a range of small and medium-sized businesses in Kolding. We offer meeting rooms, offices and desks in shared offices that can be rented out. Pakhuset is located by the harbour in Kolding in the middle of Kolding’s new Campus district and close to the train station.

Offices and shared offices in Kolding

At Pakhuset you will find innovative start-up businesses, a strong local business network, a design cluster, exciting meeting facilities and workshops for prototype production.

With us, you can choose whether you want to rent out a separate office or just a desks in a shared office. There is a total of 8 offices with space for between 1 and 8 workstations and 12 desks. If you don’t require a permanent work station but would like to use the facilities at Pakhuset, our On the Go solution is a good offer.

We offer

As a lessee, you have access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Lightning-fast WiFi and access to printing and copying
  • Attractive company address with professional frameworks and meeting rooms
  • Manned Infodok
  • Social and professional communities
  • Access control, alarms and guard service

Network and knowledge sharing

At Pakhuset, you will be part of a large community, where everyone in the house participates in events and activities. We offer different platforms for networking and, amongst other things, hold networking lunches, a summer party and a Christmas party. We also offer a number of professional events. We meet every day for lunch, where you can network and get to know the other companies and their skills.

Meeting rooms and food provisions

If you are looking for meeting rooms in Kolding, you can rent our one of our rooms. Pakhuset’s 3 meeting rooms can be rented out individually or together. As a business in Pakhuset, you have free access to the meeting rooms.

Bornholm up to 72 people costs DKK 3,000 per half-day and DKK 5,000 per full day.
Kaliningrad up to 32 people costs DKK 1,500 per half-day and DKK 2,500 per full day.
Lübeck up to 24 people costs DKK 1,500 per half-day and DKK 2,500 per full day.
Bornholm-Kaliningrad-Lübeck up to 128 people costs DKK 4,000 per half-day and DKK 6,000 per full day.

Space for ideas and interaction

Pakhuset comprises a shared office and meeting rooms with space for ideas, interaction and surprises. The flexibility is reflected in our organisation, communication and shared identity – a strong base for businesses and organisations that are growing and developing.

Pakhuset’s basis is a unique collaboration between Business Kolding, Design2Innovate, the University of Southern Denmark, other further education institutions in Kolding and Science Park of Southern Denmark.

Karina Abildtrup Lessee at Pakhuset Abstracta Interiør A/S

"Pakhuset’s geographical location, the physical framework and an extremely successful refurbishment all support the high-end profile that we strive to portray".

star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full 5 / 5

What does it cost?

  • Desk in shared office – DKK 2,436.00 per person per month. All inclusive
  • Own office – with space for between 1 and 8 employees.  DKK 3,167.00 per place per month including usage
  • On the Go (neither desk nor office): DKK 525 per person per month. All inclusive

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

InfoDoc: Merete Jørgensen
Telephone: +45 24 79 11 61 or
Email: pakhuset@syddanskeforskerparker.dk
 Sdr. Havnegade 7, 6000 Kolding


There are 14 free parking spaces for guests just in front of Pakhuset and 1 disabled parking space.  These are all reserved for guests of the department. Remember to obtain a guest permit in InfoDoc or from the business you are visiting, and place it where it can be seen clearly in the car’s windscreen. There are also other parking options at many locations within a 300 m radius of the department.

How to get here and parking >>

What do our lessees say?


I chose Pakhuset as the new base for D-sign Tegnestuen as the department incorporates a range of good opportunities for sparring with other entrepreneurs, with guys from D2i, with Business Kolding, and with both students and teaching staff from SDU’s design courses! Pakhuset also has a very large prototype workshop with laser cutters, CNC cutters and 3D printers, as well as excellent guidance from the head of the workshop! The prototype workshop gives me the opportunity to make prototypes both simply and cheaply that can be used for presenting ideas to customers!

Anne Mette Rasmussen
D-sign Tegnestuen - lessee at Pakhuset

Our decision to move to Pakhuset was a very deliberate one. As a committed and curious development company, it is very important for us that in our daily environment we can be inspired by and spar with other exciting businesses. Pakhuset is a fantastic framework that helps us to take advantage of the opportunities. Pakhuset also has an interesting story behind it that makes it a really nice place to be.

Morten Weeth
multikant - lessee in Pakhuset

I chose to rent an office space in Pakhuset as I want to experience the same friendly interaction with colleagues that I had when I worked in a company. I have recently started up as self-employed but still have the same need for the social aspects. At the same time, Pakhuset appealed to me with its delightful and slightly different premises that are in keeping with what I want to put across with my business, namely quality, flexibility, innovation and an open framework.  I’m proud to show people around when I have guests, and my new “roommates” and the social events add a little spice to everyday life.

Helle Nordlund
Nem-Sagsbehandling - lessee in Pakhuset

Businesses in Pakhuset

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