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Future Innovators (5-8 Feb. 2019)

Innovation, robots and technology for the oldest classes in primary and lower secondary school.

What is Future Innovators

Future Innovators is Science Parks of Southern Denmark’s annual innovations day in Odense for classes 8 and 9 in primary and lower secondary school.  Here, the students engage in innovation, robots and technology through a day of different workshops in close collaboration with a number of companies.

Fully booked

The 4 days are now fully booked with 1,200 students from 57 classes in 29 schools.

1,800 students have already participated in Future Innovators over the previous two years.

We provide

  • free participation (IMPORTANT! registration commits you to take part)
  • a day in a professional environment outside of school
  • compulsory information meeting for teachers on 21 January
  • free lunch for everyone
  • learning objectives for the day

The school ensures

  • that each class has at least one teacher
  • that the participating teachers attend an information meeting on 21 January at between 2:30 pm and 4 pm (Videnbyen, Cortex Park 26, 5230 Odense M)
  • that each pupil has access to a computer

4 workshops

The main elements of Future Innovators are 4 facilitating workshops that introduce students to different aspects of innovation and technology. The facilitators come from the companies  Loop Company, App Academy and SDE College.

The 4 workshops are about teamwork, brainstorming, robot programming and encoding of sensors in textiles. The day and the workshops are build around a topic, which in 2019 is  Odense Letbane and traffic safety.

During the breaks, students meet robots and businesses and there is some physical activities for those interested.

Workshop: Teamwork - Know yourself

There are different roles and competences needed for a team to work. Students acquire knowledge of different types and they work to map out what type and competencies they themselves have, what they can contribute in the group and not least the understanding that there is a need for everyone. No competencies are more important than any other.

The company providing this workshop is Loop Company.

Workshop: Brainstorm

Good ideas and solutions come not only out of a blue sky, but arise when working with structured methods.

In this workshop, students will develop good ideas to promote the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on the Odense Letbane. The ideas are concretised and some will also be presented to the others.

The company providing this workshop is Loop Company.

Workshop: Programming a robot

Robots are good at optimising efficiency, saving staff while not getting tired and working at all times of the day.

In this workshop, the students work with the little Edison robot, which has to be programmed to drive along the Letbane section and find potential hazards. There may be objects lying on the tracks or an overhead line that has broken and fallen down.

NB! The students must have their own computer or tablet with them.

The company providing this workshop is App Academy.

Workshop: The intelligent waistcoat

In this workshop, the students work with sensors (microbits) in a waistcoat that a Letbane conductor is wearing.  For example, the waistcoat must measure whether the Letbane driver is getting tired. Accidents have happened on other light railways in the world because of this problem.

The students must have their own computer or tablet with them.

For 2019 we have a new provider of this  workshop - namely SDE College.

The workshop is all booked up but you can go on the waiting list.

Even though all four days are fully booked, you can put your class on the waiting list. Send an email to  [email protected] The email should include the following information:

- name of the school
- class/classes
- number of pupils in each class
- name of the participating teacher for each class
- emails and telephone numbers of the participating teachers
- preference for participation day (Tues, Wed, Thurs or Fri)

Businesses in Odense

One of the purposes of Future Innovators is to show students the many opportunities offered by Odense's business life both now and in the future. In the video here, different companies guess what the future will look like.

That is what former participants say

We use both the innovative process and the group dynamics when we get home. It is certainly something special that the students get knowledge served up in a different way than they are used to.
Teacher from Kolding
I've learned about microbits, which was completely new to me, and it’s opened my eyes to what the technology can be used for.
Boy from year 8 in Odense
I had not thought so much about technology before I took part in Future Innovators.
Girl from year 9 in Odense
Future Innovators turned out to be better than I thought because I learnt to get to know myself better.
Girl from year 9 in Odense
My students acquire a lasting curiosity for technology, but also the importance of getting to know themselves.
Teacher from Odense

Who provides the financing?

In 2019, Future Innovators will be financed by Odense municipality, MĂžllerens Fond and Fonden for Syddanske Forskerparker.

In total, approximately 1,800 have already participated in Future Innovators.

The process

As a participating teacher, there are some steps you should be aware of.

Register the class
Learn and be inspired
Use Future Innovators in your class

If you think Future Innovators sounds like an exciting and educational day for your students, register your class. Only you as the teacher can register a class - not individual pupils.

You can see more information on this page.

As a participating teacher, it's important that you take responsibility for your class, that you are committed and that you help us make the day as successful as possible for all. We make sure that the content is top quality, and we expect you to make sure your students know what will happen on the day and that you keep control over them.  In order to be better prepared, we hold a mandatory information meeting before the event itself.

Dette punkt er selve Future Innovators, hvor dine elever - men forhÄbentlig ogsÄ du - fÄr en masse ny viden og bliver inspireret til at bruge den viden fremadrettet.

I hver af de 4 workshops fÄr I nogle materialer, som I kan bruge, nÄr I kommer hjem i klassen igen. Via disse links kan du finde materialer fra afholdelsen i 2018. 

Brainstorming   |   Teams - kend dig selv   |  Lav intelligent tÞj   |   Programmér en robot

Vibeke Lynderup

Vibeke Lynderup

Network and collaboration [email protected] +45 24 87 43 98

We look forward to seeing you in week 6 of 2019


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