Modern seminar facilities for rent in Odense

We offer airy and modern seminar facilities in two different locations in Odense. Both are close to the motorway and only a 1.5-hour drive from Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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    What does it cost to rent a seminar facility with us?

    If you want to rent a seminar facility with us, you can choose between several packages, depending on your needs. The prices cover rent of the room and catering, so it’s an all-inclusive deal.

    We offer our loyal customers a 15% discount for every third booking of a conference, seminar or meeting – as long as they are held within twelve months.


    Meeting packages and prices

    Lecture package

    Lecture package

    Max. three hours (between 8 am – 4 pm)

    • Meeting room including AV equipment and free WIFI
    • Coffee, tea and water ad lib.
    • Cake or freshly baked croissant
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    DKK 175 per person (min. five people)

    Half day package

    Half day package

    Between 8 am – 12 pm or 12 pm – 4 pm

    • Meeting room including AV equipment and free WIFI
    • Coffee, tea and water ad lib.
    • Snacks
    • Breakfast (morning)
    • Sandwich or light lunch buffet, including one water or soft drink
    • Afternoon cake and fruit (afternoons)
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    DKK 345 per person (min. five people)

    Whole day package

    Whole day package

    Between 8 am – 4 pm

    • Meeting room including AV equipment and free WIFI
    • Coffee, tea and water ad lib.
    • Snacks
    • Breakfast
    • Sandwich or light lunch buffet, including one water or soft drink
    • Afternoon cake and fruit
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    DKK 445 per person (min. five people)


    Which conference facilities do Science Parks of Southern Denmark offer?

    Science Parks of Southern Denmark offer modern and well-equipped seminar facilities suitable for a wide variety of arrangements and events. The seminar rooms are suitable for everything from smaller meetings and workshops to larger conferences and seminars.

    The rooms all have modern AV equipment and wireless Internet. Furthermore, there’s the possibility of whiteboards and flip overs.

    Our experienced and service-minded seminar coordinators can help you with everything from planning and coordinating to technical support during the event.

    Below, read about the various seminar rooms we offer in Videnbyen and Forskerparken.



    Our seminar rooms

    The Yellow Conference room
    124 people

    The Yellow Conference room

    The Yellow Conference room is a large and airy conference room with space for 124 guests. It is well suited to seminars, courses and conferences as well as workshops and group work where you want to do several presentations. The room is on the 2nd floor with a beautiful view of the area – there is easy access for handicapped and good toilet facilities right next to the room.

    The room has six projectors so that the entire room can be activated and there’s the possibility to connect your pc.

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    The Orange Meeting room
    24 people

    The Orange Meeting room

    Large and spacious meeting room for up to 24 people – perfect for meetings and smaller workshops or tuition. The room is on the ground level with direct access to the cafeteria. The room contains 10 two-person tables on wheels and 24 conference chairs on wheels. In the room, you’ll find equipment for video conferencing and a 65” screen with a connection option for your pc. The layout of the room and the placement of the screen can be seen in the illustrations and photos on the left.

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    The Conference
    28 people

    The Conference

    The Conference is our smallest conference room with space for 28 people placed in a herringbone design. From the Conference, there’s access to a delightful small terrace. The room is equipped with a 98” screen which is easy to operate. The Conference is on the ground level where there’s also a manned reception. Furthermore, there’s direct access to our lovely cafeteria, it is handicap friendly and the toilet facilities are good.

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    Take a break from the conference with a tour

    A tour can be an excellent way to add an extra element to your seminar. It can give the participants a chance to learn more about a certain industry or provide inspiration and ideas for how they can apply their new skills in the real world.

    It can be a good idea to choose a tour that includes visits with companies that might inspire your participants. If you’re considering adding a tour to your seminar, please contact our tour coordinator Mette.


    Our seminar coordinators assist you from A-Z

    When you book one of our seminar packages, you’ll be assigned a dedicated seminar coordinator who is at your disposal throughout your seminar. The coordinator will help you plan and hold your seminar.

    1. Order suitable catering
    2. Find the best rooms for your purpose
    3. Recommend overnight accommodation for the participants
    4. Arrange engaging activities


    Will you need overnight accommodation in connection with your seminar?

    There are several advantages to booking an overnight stay after a seminar:

    • After a long day of learning and activities, it can be nice to have someplace to go to relax and recharge.
    • An overnight stay enables your participants to socialise and network with each other, even after the seminar is finished.
    • If the seminar has an early start, it can be practical to stay close to the seminar’s location so the participants won’t have to worry about transport and traffic.
    • If the seminar runs over several days, it can be time-consuming to commute every day. Overnight stay saves time and provides the participants with more time for preparation.

    We will recommend you and your guests to choose the charming hotel Knudsens Gaard, the central First Hotel Grand or the modern Hotel Odense/Hotel Odeon, which are all close to our two locations.


    Find answers to your questions

    How can I prepare for a successful seminar experience?

    Be specific about your needs for the location, the room(s), the facilities and the equipment, so it matches the purpose of your seminar.

    How can I create an interactive and engaging experience at a seminar facility?

    Pay attention to the participants’ different learning styles and preferences. Stimulate the participants’ curiosity with questions, enigmas or problems that require creative thinking and interaction. Choose a room with an accommodating atmosphere which makes it easier for participants to feel engaged and comfortable in taking an active part in the tuition.

    What is a seminar room and what are its uses?

    A seminar room is a physical space designed to hold seminars, workshops and training sessions. It could be a conference centre or a meeting room equipped with the necessary facilities and technology to support tuition and learning. Seminar rooms can vary in size and design. Seminar rooms can be used for training programmes and training, workshops and seminars, speciality courses such as language courses, IT training and project management courses.

    Where can I find available seminar rooms for rent?

    You can search online, contact local conference centres or seminar facilities, ask your network or make a request on a booking page.

    How do I find out whether a particular facility is free on the required date and time?

    On many homepages and booking platforms, you can make a request with your demands and the required date and time. If this is not possible or you want a more personal contact, call or write directly to the centre.

    What is the price of renting a seminar room and what’s included?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, the price depends on your needs and whether you’re renting the room(s) for a few hours, a half-day or a whole day. We also offer our loyal customers a 15% discount for every third time they book a seminar, meeting or conference with us – as long as they’re held within 12 months. The price will, in addition to access to the seminar room, include: AV-equipment, WIFI and catering such as coffee, tea, lunch or snacks.

    What are the typical facilities available in a seminar room?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, the following facilities are included in the rent: AV equipment, WIFI, whiteboards and flip-over, catering and the assistance of our staff. Furthermore, we have plenty of free parking.

    What is the maximum capacity for a seminar room and will it fit my needs?

    Our largest seminar room at Science Parks of Southern Denmark can house up to 124 participants. The room has six projectors so that the entire room can be activated during presentations.

    Can I get technical support if I need it during my seminar?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, we offer technical support and assistance.

    How can I adapt the room to my specific needs?

    With Science Parks of Southern Denmark, you can require a specific arrangement of tables and chairs, so it fits your purpose. We are also ready to talk to you about your requirements regarding technical equipment such as projectors or sound equipment. And if you have specific requests regarding diets such as allergies, etc., we’re also able to accommodate those.

    Is it allowed to bring your own food and drink into the facility?

    With Science Parks of Southern Denmark, catering is always a part of the arrangement. You can choose between different packages according to your needs.

    What is the cancellation policy in case I must cancel?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, you can both cancel and reduce the number of participants. The rules vary according to the size of your arrangement. If you need to cancel your booking, make sure to always do it as quickly as possible to avoid having to pay a cancellation fee.

    Are you interested in more information?

    If you’re interested in hearing more about our commercial leases in Odense, we’re always ready to guide you in the right direction and answer your queries.