Conference rooms in Odense close to the motorway

Are you thinking of holding a conference in Odense? Whether it’s a small conference with 20 participants or a large one with more than a hundred participants, we can help.

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    “Perfect conference rooms for workshops and
    big presentations”

    In both Forskerparken and Videnbyen, we have the perfect framework for holding workshops and big presentations. We are known to the staff who makes sure that everything works to perfection at our events. At the same time, it is easily accessible with great parking facilities.

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    What does it cost to rent a conference room?

    We offer a variety of conference packages to suit your needs. The below prices cover the rent of the conference room with professional AV equipment and catering. In other words, all-inclusive.

    Lecture package

    Lecture package

    Max. three hours (between 8 am – 4 pm)

    • Meeting room including AV equipment and free WIFI
    • Coffee, tea and water ad lib.
    • Cake or freshly baked croissant
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    DKK 175 per person (min. five people)

    Half day package

    Half day package

    Between 8 am – 12 pm or 12 pm – 4 pm

    • Meeting room including AV equipment and free WIFI
    • Coffee, tea and water ad lib.
    • Snacks
    • Breakfast (morning)
    • Sandwich or light lunch buffet, including one water or soft drink
    • Afternoon cake and fruit (afternoons)
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    DKK 345 per person (min. five people)

    Whole day package

    Whole day package

    Between 8 am – 4 pm

    • Meeting room including AV equipment and free WIFI
    • Coffee, tea and water ad lib.
    • Snacks
    • Breakfast
    • Sandwich or light lunch buffet, including one water or soft drink
    • Afternoon cake and fruit
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    DKK 445 per person (min. five people)


    Save 15% on
    conference bookings

    We are focused sharply on doing better than most and we want to provide our guests with a positive experience so that you will want to come back. How? We spoil our guests on several levels and have a sense of detail. We realise that when there are so many offering the same services, it is the little things that make the big difference.

    We offer all our loyal customers a 15% discount on every third conference. You’ll get exactly the same high level of service – if not even better as we’ve got to know your requirements and you know 100% what to expect. The three meetings or conferences must be held within a period of 12 months.

    Contact our coordinator Mari and hear more about how to save money on your conferences.


    Which conference rooms do Science Parks of Southern Denmark offer?

    If you haven’t booked a conference room with us before, it can be difficult to imagine the possibilities.

    Below you can see pictures and descriptions of all our conference rooms in Videnbyen and Forskerparken. It will give you a sense of our facilities and whether the arrangement of the furniture suits your purpose.



    Our conference rooms

    The Yellow Conference room
    124 people

    The Yellow Conference room

    The Yellow Conference room is a large and airy conference room with space for 124 guests. It is well suited to seminars, courses and conferences as well as workshops and group work where you want to do several presentations. The room is on the 2nd floor with a beautiful view of the area – there is easy access for handicapped and good toilet facilities right next to the room.

    The room has six projectors so that the entire room can be activated and there’s the possibility to connect your pc.

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    75 people


    Beautiful high-ceilinged auditorium with tall paintings by the artist Bo Thobo-Carlsen. The auditorium holds 75 people in a theatre arrangement. The conference room has a bright full HD projector and a sound system with a subwoofer. Furthermore, the room is equipped with wireless microphones – handheld as well as headsets. The auditorium is next to a large café area and a lounge which can be used for exhibitions and workshops.

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    The Conference
    28 people

    The Conference

    The Conference is our smallest conference room with space for 28 people placed in a herringbone design. From the Conference, there’s access to a delightful small terrace. The room is equipped with a 98” screen which is easy to operate. The Conference is on the ground level where there’s also a manned reception. Furthermore, there’s direct access to our lovely cafeteria, it is handicap friendly and the toilet facilities are good.

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    Why choose a conference room in Forskerparken or Videnbyen?

    There are several good reasons to rent conference rooms with us. The most important are:

    • Situated in the middle of Denmark and close to the motorway
    • Professional facilities
    • All-inclusive conference package with excellent catering
    • Lots of free parking
    • The professional staff ready to service you with a smile


    Let our coordinators
    help you

    Our conference coordinators offer a high level of service and can offer you the best solutions and the exact right conference package. We’re ready to receive you and your guests as soon as you arrive. We strive to offer you the best possible service before, during and after your conference, so you can concentrate on your conference. When you book one of our conference packages you are assigned a dedicated conference coordinator who is at your service throughout the conference.

    We can help you with:

    • Planning your conference with a focus on your purpose
    • Find the exact right conference room
    • Receiving guests and guiding
    • Ideas for activities before/during/after the conference
    • Booking and coordinating in general

    Guided TOUR

    Tours with exclusive insights

    If you need a break in your meeting, we offer unique tours at the Technological Institute and Nation of Health, both with offices and exhibitions in Forskerparken. Both offer exclusive insights into the newest robot technologies and the Danish innovative solutions in practice.

    We offer customer-adjusted and flexible arrangements, which can be varied in length and content so it suits your wishes.


    Will you need overnight accommodation in Odense after your conference?

    If you or your guests come from afar or if you are planning a big conference over several days, we can also help you arrange overnight stays in nice hotel rooms so that your participants can wake up alert and ready for the day’s programme.

    We collaborate with some of the city’s best hotels, always ready to welcome you when your meeting is over. We will recommend you and your guests to choose the charming hotel Knudsens Gaard, the central First Hotel Grand or the modern Hotel Odense/Hotel Odeon.


    Get answers to your questions

    How do I choose the best conference room for my seminar or workshop?

    It is important that you know the objective of the event, the number of participants and the requirement for facilities. Also, you need to know the size of the budget and consider the location of the conference room and check for reviews.

    How can I create an interactive and engaging conference experience at a conference facility?

    Pay attention to the participants’ different learning styles and preferences. Stimulate the participants’ curiosity with questions, enigmas or problems that require creative thinking and interaction. Choose a room with an accommodating atmosphere which makes it easier for participants to feel engaged and comfortable in taking an active part in the tuition.

    How to choose between smaller and larger conference rooms?

    Usually, the number of participants, the type of arrangement and the budget decide whether you need a small or larger conference room.

    How do I find the best conference rooms in my town?

    You can search online, ask in your network, or contact local conference facilities or centres. When you’ve found a few, visit them personally to see if they fulfil your requirements. You’ll check out size, facilities and atmosphere to decide whether they’re suitable for your arrangement.

    How do I book a conference room and what’s the process?

    Before you book a conference room you must decide which facilities and services you’re going to need. Consider factors such as size, location, accessibility, AV equipment, catering and parking. Then search possible locations online and contact the one that you’re interested in and ask for a price sheet. Make a reservation, get a contract and show up on the day when the room is ready for you.

    How do I choose the correct size room for my conference?

    It is important to have an idea about how many attendees you can expect, as this determines how large you need to room to be. If the room is too small it can quickly feel overcrowded and unpleasant for the participants and if it’s too large, it can create an empty feeling.

    What are the typical facilities available in a conference room?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, we always help check the equipment before the meeting. We are at your service if you need assistance with sound- and video equipment, internet connection or other technological units.

    Can I rent extra equipment or facilities for my conference?

    If the conference room you’re renting doesn’t already have the equipment you need, Science Parks of Southern Denmark will help you rent extra equipment from third-party suppliers. This could be extra AV equipment or extra furniture.

    How do payment and invoicing take place?

    After the conference, you’ll receive an invoice covering the rent and potential extra costs such as facilities or equipment you’ve rented.

    How can I adapt the room to my specific needs?

    Contact the meeting conference coordinators at Science Parks of Southern Denmark and they’ll help you tailor the room to your preferences. This could concern the arrangement of furniture, AV equipment, catering or schedule.

    What is the change- or cancellation policy in case I must cancel?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, you can both cancel and reduce the number of participants. The rules vary according to the size of your arrangement. If you need to cancel your booking, make sure to always do it as quickly as possible to avoid having to pay a cancellation fee.

    Is it possible to get catering for my conference?

    At Science Parks of Southern Denmark, catering is always part of a conference booking. You can choose between different packages to find the one suitable to your needs.

    How can I ensure that my conference is a success?

    Start by making a detailed schedule and checklist covering all aspects of the conference. Keep in close contact with the conference centre to ensure that all your requirements and needs are fulfilled. After the conference, evaluate the result and take notes about what worked well and what can be improved till next time.

    Are you interested in more information?

    If you’re interested in hearing more about our commercial leases in Odense, we’re always ready to guide you in the right direction and answer your queries.